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Here is our favorite collection of humorous, fun, interesting, unusual and even very helpful phone numbers and phone related web sites.

Girls Flirt Free Chatline

Yes, it is true. Girls get to call and flirt free with men from all over the USA and Canada, anytime. It is the ultimate freebie for women. Guys: You too can call and flirt/meet/connect with women, too, with an introductory free trial.
(Visit Girls Chat Free)

Free Phone Daily Horoscopes

If you want to know what is in the stars for you today, you can call the Horoscope Hotline and get your daily free horoscope. Their site also offers detailed information on each of the Zodiac Signs. Give them a call now, if you like at 1-512-400-4376.
(Visit Horoscope Hotline)

Free Help Picking A Psychic

A unique service in the mystical and divination field. You can call Psychic Selection's toll free number to get help picking the perfect psychic, tarot reader and/or astrologer for your questions. They also will also help you with what questions to ask a psychic. More, they can then directly connect you with a psychic reader. If you would like, you can call directly: 1-800-340-8374.
(Visit Psychic Selection)

Black Phone Chat

Black chatline for flirting, dating, meeting singles for black and urban singles. Free trial for new members. Call: 1-706-913-1195.
(Visit Black Chatline)

Telephone Support Humor

If you work in any service field, you will appreciate Phone Phunnies, a site dedicated to capturing the humor and strange calls received at call centers, contact centers, consumer affairs, tech support, help desks, and offices everywhere. You are even welcome to contribute your humorous phone moments.
(Visit Phone Phunnies)

Phone Flirt Chatline

One of the premier singles chatlines. Meet singles around the country or locally. Huge membership for the USA and Canada. Great features. Best of all you can get a free trial for new members. If you are ready to start flirting with single women and men, call: 1-706-913-1191.
(Visit Phone And Flirt)

Phone Tarot Readings

Curious about what the future holds for you in love, money, family, your fate? Are you facing a difficult choice? Why not find out what Tarot can reveal? These are select tarot readers with years of experience. If you want, you can give them a call now at: 1-800-326-5923.
(Visit 1800 Tarot)

iPhone Humor

A collection of video clips and articles on iphones, including apps, tests, pranks and more. Brought to you by College Humor. And, yes, we were very entertained by it.
(Visit iPhone Humor)

Ghost Help By Phone

No kidding. These are some very highly rated psychics, mediums and clairvoyants who provide professional help, guidance and advice about dealing with ghosts, poltergeists, spirits and numerous other paranormal events. One thing you do not want to miss are the true ghost stories from the psychics and advisors. Since we are on the topic, Clairvoyant Albus Phoenix is also someone you can call who is excellent at helping people dealing with paranormal events.
(Visit 1800 Ghost Help)

Authentic Psychics Network

Hand selected psychics from across the Internet by a twenty year psychic professional for skills and talents, this collection of psychics is sure to impress. Special rates for preferred clients.
Feel free to give them a call at: 1-800-888-5523
(Visit Authentic Psychics)

Humor Hotlines

A large collection of humorous and prank phone numbers which are pretty entertaining. Many you can give to friends, relatives and strangers. For example, a phone number women can give to men who bother them for their number (men who call the number get a no non-sense rejection message). Well worth checking out.
(Visit Humor Hotlines)

Ask Psychics Network

A collection of psychics selected from Hollywood Psychics: Clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers and more. Free 5 minute reading for new clients. If you like, you can give them a call, now, at 1-866-327-9032.
(Visit Ask Psychics)

1800 Personals

Phone personals are making a come back. In many ways superior to online personals in that you actually converse with real people, set up your own message box and the costs can be much lower. Many swear it is much more exciting and active than most web chat.
(Visit 1800 Personals)

Professional Love/Relationship Advice

A great service for those looking for traditional love, marriage and dating advice. Professionals from various disciplines (such as psychology, family counseling, life coaching, etc.) are available 27/7 to provide advice and assistance in matters of the heart. You can call for quick dating advice or receive in depth consultation about a relationship. It is up to you. No long term contracts. No obligations or courses to buy. Very reasonable rates. Just call and get the love or relationship advice you need, now. You can contact love coaches now, at:
(Visit Love Coach Line)

Latino Phone Chat

For the Spanish, Latino and Hispanic single community, there is no better chatline than Latino Phone Chat. Always active, always someone to meet. Covers the entire U.S. and Canada. For the full Spanish version, visit EspaƱol Chat. Free Trial!
(Visit Latino Chatline)

Check Cell Phone Numbers
Reverse Records Lookup

This is a service that will check cell phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and provide the information on the cell phone number's owner. Handy little service. Free sample lookup
(Visit Mobile Phone Number Lookup)

Gay Phone Flirt

For those gay singles, there is no better gay chatline than Gay Phone Flirt. Free trial.
(Visit Gay Chatline)

Psychics Hotline

It is making a comeback ... psychic hotlines. This one is Psychics Chatline and is our clear winner for cool psychics, ease of use and reliability. Free 5 minute reading for new clients. You can even call right now: 1-800-492-2058. USA and Canada, only, sorry.
(Visit Psychic Chatline)

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